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HAI Adds Borg Displays and Charmed Quark Systems to Connectivity Partners


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October 12, 2009

HAI is proud to announce the addition of Borg Displays and Charmed Quark Systems as HAI Connectivity Partners.

Borg Displays Logo Borg Displays develops in-wall interface solutions for a variety of professional integration industries on Windows XPe and Linux platforms.

The affordable suite of Protégé™ branded 8” and 15” touchcontrollers are specifically designed to run quiet, cool and fast, engaging users with networked content, third party control – security – entertainment – signage applications, or energy management on centrally located always-on sentinels.

Load a copy of Snap-Link on the Borg Display and run it using its Touchscreen skin.

Charmed Quark Systems Logo Charmed Quark Systems' CQC product is a powerful, robust software-based automation product which leverages the home network to provide control, automation, and media management throughout the home. CQC is the perfect complement to layer over an Omni based foundation, providing very powerful graphical user interfaces, media services, internet based services, theater control, higher level logic, etc.


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