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Connectivity Partners -> Elan

Audio / Video (A/V) Partners | www.elanhomesystems.com

Elan Logo Elan offers the VIA! product as an interface option for the Omni-family of automation controllers.

VIA! Touchpanel VIA! is a full-color LCD touch panel that can be used to control all of your Audio/Video components and other house-wide electronic systems such as Lighting, Security, and Thermostats.  It is also a video monitor, allowing you to view anything from security cameras to the Weather Channel at the touch of a button.

VIA! Integration Partner With an exchange of resources and a commitment to support their dealers, HAI has supplied ELAN with systems that will be permanently setup in ELAN's Technical Support facilities; just as ELAN has provided HAI with VIA! systems for assistance in supporting our dealers.


The Elan VIA touchscreen is the only third-party product on the market that can connect to the data bus (AB) on an HAI controller. The VIA touchscreen will provide an emulation of a typical push-button console. See Knowledge Base article id # 554 for the specific items required to perform the interface.

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