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Connectivity Partners -> Eloka

Lighting (220v/230v/240v) Partners | Technical Sheet | Promotional Brochure | www.eloka.net

Eloka LogoEloka Lighting Control Systems

Lighting control offers the benefits of aesthetics, convenience, safety and energy savings. Eloka’s Lighting Control System offers compelling value in lighting control and automation considering its quality and reliability for 220/240V installations.

Eloka’s lighting control system is fully (two-way) integrated with HAI security/automation system enabling home owners to monitor all lights (including from visual floor plans on the Omnitouch 5.7e and Omnitouch 10p touch panels) and to execute one-touch scenes from the touch panels or from the Omni Console. Eloka’s lighting control system offers the following features:

  • Eloka SwitchAppealing Look: Glass and Metallic finish
  • Switches based on normal electrical wiring with Cat5e loop wiring for control 
  • Matching manual switches for non-critical areas
  • Dimmer Modules, Scenario Switches, Fluorescent light dimmers
  • Matching power sockets, Telephone/Data, Television sockets available
  • Entrance and Zone-based scenarios can be set using an IR remote control or from scenario switches
  • Whole home scenes and scheduling functions are done using HAI controller
  • The wiring for electrical points is same as what is done today for manual switches
  • An additional low voltage Cat5e wire needs to be laid connecting all the switches (in a “loop” or “daisy chain”)
  • The master module at the end of the Cat5e loop is connected to one of the serial ports on the HAI Controller

Integration with HAI


Interfacing HAI Omni/Lumina panels to Eloka Lighting switches.

Eloka SwitchEloka SwitchInstallation:

  1. Equipment
    1. HAI controller – LT, Omni II, Omni IIe, Omni Pro II, Lumina, or Lumina Pro
    2. 4-pin RJ-11 connector
    3. PC Access Software
  1. Setup
    1. Connect the RJ-11 connector to the Eloka Master Module cable


      Master Module Cable

      Connect pin 1 (GND)

      To Pin 3

      Connect pin 3 (RX)

      To Pin 1

      Connect pin 4 (TX)

      To Pin 2

      (pin 3 of the Master Module Cable should also be connected to the ground of a 12V DC out, and pin 4 of the Master Module Cable should connect to the positive of 12V DC)
    2. Using a console or PC Access, go to Setup>Installer>Expansion and set the Serial Function of the desired serial port to Centralite.
    3. Set serial baud rate to 9600
    4. Using a console or PC Access, go to Setup>Names>Units and name the unit numbers that correspond to the dip switch addresses on the Eloka switches.

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