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Connectivity Partners -> HomeSeer

Interface Options Partners | www.HomeSeer.com

HomeSeer Logo

HomeSeer products are designed to integrate and automate the major systems of a typical home. Those systems include lighting, heating/cooling, security, appliances, window coverings, irrigation systems and Audio/Video equipment. HomeSeer systems are compatible with a wide variety of technologies and will work seamlessly with HAI controllers.

  • Supports reading the HAI configuration from the panel.
  • Uses the classic Omni-Link protocol to communicate with the panel at a high level of functionality.
  • Creates HomeSeer devices to track all panel conditions such as AC Powerfail Trouble, Alarms, Battery level (provides actual voltage), the last "button" that was "pushed", the last code used at a console, and much more.
  • Creates a HomeSeer device that tracks the panel status (armed night, armed away, disarmed, etc.), previous panel status, and allows you to control panel arming via this device.
  • HomeSeer may also optionally create devices for outputs, thermostats, zones, and other unit types which allow you to view or change those items.
  • HomeSeer Triggers (for launching automation events) are available for the panel:
    • Zones - Zone status, AND latch alarm status, arming status, and analog value!
    • Aux Temp Sensors - value above or below a setpoint level that you specify.
    • Units - Outputs and Flags becoming On/Off, Counters being greater than/less than/equal to a specific value.
    • Thermostats - Temperature greater than/less than/equal to values, mode changes, hold changes, fan mode changes, and both cool and heat setpoint changes and values becoming greater than/less than/equal to a specific value.
  • HomeSeer Event Actions that can take place when a HomeSeer event is triggered:
    • Arm in any mode or Disarm
    • Bypass/Restore Zones
    • "Push" Buttons
    • Expansion Outputs/Flags being set On/Off
    • Voltage Outputs being set On/Off
    • Counters being set to a specific value, or incremented, or decremented
    • Show or Clear Messages on the consoles
    • Set Message text to a string you specify
    • Lighting devices being set to a specific level or being turned On/Off
    • Update (synchronize) the panel date/time with the HomeSeer computer date/time.

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