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Connectivity Partners -> LiteTouch

Lighting Partners | www.litetouch.com

LiteTouch Logo LiteTouch offers a complete array of Lighting Control Solutions for any size project. They have been a leader in stage, television, and architectural lighting with five decades of product development experience in lighting and dimming control.

Keypads are installed instead of traditional light switches and dimmers. One LiteTouch keypad can take the place of up to nine dimmers and switches. Each button can be both an on/off and a dimmer switch. Any button can be programmed to control any light, device or system, or combination of lights, devices inside or outside the house.

A Central Control Unit (CCU) is the brain that controls all the systems. It receives button press information from the keypads, processes the commands and transmits the instructions to the Control Modules and custom integrated equipment. LiteTouch CCU’s are easily reprogrammed at any time to suit your changing needs and lifestyle.

There are three types of CCU's available: LITETOUCH 5000LC CCU, LITETOUCH STANDARD CCU, or LITETOUCH COMPACT CCU. HAI systems support these systems through its Pro-Link protocol. Accordingly, they integrate with HAI's Omni LT, Omni IIe, OmniPro II, Lumina, and Lumina Pro home control systems.

Control Modules do all the actual dimming and switching. They are capable of dimming incandescent, low voltage, electronic low voltage, fluorescent, electronic ballasted fluorescent, neon and cold cathode loads. Modules can also drive such devices as motorized window treatments and skylights.

HAI Integration

A LiteTouch Central Control Unit (CCU) connects to an HAI system via a serial port.


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