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Lighting Partners | Lighting (220v/230v/240v) Partners | Window Coverings Partners | www.lutron.com

Lutron Logo Lutron produced the world's first solid-state electronic device used to dim lights in a home and is still devoted to controlling lighting. Their focus on product innovations, technology, quality, and customer service has made them the undisputed leader worldwide in the area of lighting controls.

With Lutron Sivoia QED™ Shade Control you can quickly and easily control sunlight to prevent harsh U/V rays from damaging expensive furnishings. With the touch of a button, you can automatically raise and lower shades to reduce heat buildup or add instant privacy.

Radio RA® Lighting Control (110V)

Lutron Dimmer The world's first wireless radio frequency (RF) whole-home control system. Great for new or existing homes, or those under construction. No new wiring required.

HAI systems have built-in support for Radio RA® lighting control. Accordingly, it integrates fully with HAI's Omni LT, Omni IIe, OmniPro II, Lumina, and Lumina Pro home control systems.

HomeWorks® Lighting Control (110V or 220V)

Once reserved only for new homes, a HomeWorks® whole-home lighting control system, can be installed in older and historic homes as well as additions or renovations.

A HomeWorks® system provides convenient, intelligent, and sophisticated control of your home's interior and exterior lighting.

The HomeWorks® integration requires an OmniPro II or Lumina Pro controller with firmware version 3.1 or higher. These controllers have built-in support for HomeWorks® lighting control.

Lutron RadioRA® uses a network of low voltage wires to communicate with and control HomeWorks® lighting devices in your home. Each switch or dimmer controls one lighting load in a HomeWorks® system. They are used in place of standard light switches and allow local control as well as remote control from any of the master keypads, an OmniPro II/Lumina Pro interface, or via programming in the OmniPro II controller.

Master keypads are preprogrammed to provide control of the other dimmers and switches on the system. The OmniPro II listens for when buttons are pressed on a master keypad and can run various programs when a button is pressed. OmniPro II can also be programmed to simulate pressing a button on a master keypad.

GRAFIK Eye lighting controls and Remote Dimming Panels can be used to connect several lighting loads together in a room in place of multiple switches. Scenes can be programmed in the GRAFIK Eye lighting control and Remote Dimming Panel to set a group or room of lighting to preset levels. Programming in the OmniPro II/Lumina Pro allows for controlling the preprogrammed scenes in the GRAFIK Eye lighting control or Remote Dimming Panel.

Sivoia QED™ Roller Shades

Lutronís line of Sivoia QED™ roller shades, roman shades, and draperies can be controlled with an OmniPro II/Lumina Pro interface or via programming in the OmniPro II/Lumina Pro controller. This integration requires HAI controller firmware version 3.1 or higher.

HAI Integration

The Radio RA®, HomeWorks®, and Sivoia QED Roller Shades systems connect to an HAI system via a serial port. HAI recommends using HAI Serial Connectivity Adapter Kit (Part Number 36A05-4) for this connection.


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