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Connectivity Partners -> Omnipotence Software

Interface Options Partners | www.omnipotencesoftware.com

Omnipotence Software Omnipotence Software offers ECS as an all-purpose automation program suitable for virtually any tasks (in residential, commercial, and industrial environments). Boasting an object-oriented design, ECS is elegantly simple, yet extremely powerful.

ecs Automated tasks may be implemented via simple time-based schedules (great for novices) and/or English-like scripts (which give power users the flexibility they demand). And anyone who can surf the web will be comfortable with ECS, as it supports a browser-based user-interface (which may be accessed from any desired Internet connection or WAP-enabled phone/PDA).

ECS supports the Omni-family of automation controllers via following Object Classes:

Class Description
Omni Defines the Omni's serial port and user-code, and provides access to various Omni data
(e.g. software-version, model, time, battery status, system events, etc).
Omni-Appliance Defines an X10 Appliance module.
Omni-Lamp Defines an X10 Lamp module.
Omni-ALC-Dimmer Defines an OnQ/Legrand ALC (Advanced Lighting Control) dimmer module.
Omni-ALC-Relay Defines an OnQ/Legrand ALC (Advanced Lighting Control) switch module.
Omni-Compose-PLC Defines a Lightolier Compose PLC lighting module.
Omni-Flag Defines an Omni Flag.
Omni-Counter Defines an Omni Counter.
Omni-Voltage Defines an Omni Voltage-Output.
Omni-Macro Provides access to the Omni Macro.
Omni-Message Provides access to the Omni Message (i.e. show, say, log, clear).
Omni-Thermostat Defines an Omnistat thermostat (i.e. RC-80, RC-90, RC-100, RC-80, RC-90, RC-100, or RC-122).
Omni-Zone Defines an Omni Zone.
Omni-Expansion Defines an Omni Expansion Enclosure.

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