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Connectivity Partners -> Proficient Audio Systems

Audio / Video (A/V) Partners | www.ProficientAudio.com

Proficient Logo The Proficient “X” has marked the spot where superb audio performance and great designs meet. Proficient Audio Systems now offers Multi-Room Audio Controllers.

HAI's OmniPro II and Lumina Pro home control systems integrate with the Proficient M4 and M6 Multi-Room Controllers.

Proficient M4 Proficient M4

The M4 audio controller distributes six sources into four zones. It is expandable to 16 zones and 6 sources.

Proficient M6

Proficient M8 The M6 audio controller has six zones, dual tuners, and six sources. It is expandable to 24 zones and 8 sources.

HAI Integration

The Proficient integration works with an HAI OmniPro II or Lumina Pro system that has firmware version 2.15 or higher.

You connect a Proficient system to an HAI OmniPro II or Lumina Pro system using a serial port connection. You will need an available serial port on your HAI system and an HAI Serial Connectivity Adapter Kit (Part Number 36A05-4) to connect the Proficient system to the HAI system. You will need a special adapter from Proficient and a female to female DB9 cable or gender changer.

Note that Proficient systems cannot be connected to the first serial port (J1 Serial).

HAI has Knowledge Base Article #946 for Proficient Integration tips.

OmniTouch 5.7 Touchscreen Controlling Proficient An HAI OmniTouch Touchscreen can control on/off, volume, muting, transports, audio source, and many other functions for each audio zone.

With HAI OmniPro II or Lumina Pro integration you can customize your music and home control experience. Imagine returning home to your favorite music playing, lights set to your desired levels, and temperature to a cozy setting...just by disarming your system. Never again will your children disturb your neighbors in the middle of the night because they forgot that the outside speakers were on - OmniPro II or Lumina Pro can make sure that it doesn’t happen by automatically turning off the outdoor audio zone after 10:00 PM.


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