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Connectivity Partners -> RAVE

Audio / Video (A/V) Partners | www.ravetechnology.com

RAVE Logo Style, energy and excitement are what define Rave Technology. We are exclusively dedicated to excellence in home audio entertainment. We understand what’s most important to you and how best to meet the changing needs of today’s environment. So, if you are investing in multi-room sound for your home, put your trust in Rave Technology.

A cornerstone of our design philosophy is to create modular products that evolve with our customers’ needs, while achieving cutting-edge style and unparallel performance far beyond their price tag.

Rave Technology manufacturers the RV612 modular multi-room audio system that supports 6 independent zones (expandable to 12), 100 watts of power per zone into a 4 ohms load. Button triggers on an HAI OmniTouch 5.7, 5.7e, or 10p Touchscreen, as well as programming in an HAI controller, can be used to control power, volume, muting, transport controls, audio sources, and many other functions for each audio zone on the RV612. Integration occurs using the HAI Serial Connectivity Adapter Kit (HAI part number 36A05-4) and requires firmware version 3.4 or higher.



The RV612 is a multi-zone audio controller that supports 6 independent zones (expandable to 12), 100 watts of power per zone into a 4 ohms load (all zones driven), 4 audio source components, in addition to a built-in AM-FM Tuner. The system also supports 2 input plug-and-play bays available to add modules such as; iPod Dock, Line level Audio or a second AM-FM Tuner. Other features include audio inputs and triggers for a paging system. Zone one includes fixed and variable line level output allowing connection to auxiliary amplifiers for areas that may require additional power. The unit features a RS-232 serial port for integration with HAI controllers. A USB port allows for easy firmware updates in the field. The capacity of the RV612 can be increased to support up to 12 independent zones, by adding a second RV612 via the NexLink port and source input coaxial cables.

RV-K1 Keypads

RAVE Keypad

RV-K1 Keypads control all the basics for each zone such as volume, bass and treble, allowing you to adjust each zone to its particular acoustic characteristics. Each keypad is also capable of controlling the audio/video sources in your system. Changing discs, tracks or radio stations, your keypad sends commands to the appropriate device, giving you full control. Each keypad features a large easy-to-read, backlit LCD, providing you with all of the necessary information to manage your system. Your entire system parameters can be programmed from any of the keypads.


IPod Dock

The Rave iPod Dock allows you to enjoy the music on your iPod through your multi-room audio system. When connected to the Rave RV612 multi-room system, your iPod becomes an integral part of your entire household audio experience. The iPod can be controlled from any keypad or remote on your system. Dock it anywhere and pristine audio is available in any zone of your house. Select music by play list, artist, album, or genre, and your selection appears on the RV-K1 keypads as your music plays. The Rave iPod Dock is currently available in two colors to match your iPod. Engineered to conform to "made for iPod" Apple license.

HAI Integration

You connect a RAVE system to an HAI Omni IIe, OmniPro II, Lumina, or Lumina Pro system using a serial port connection on ports 2 - 4, and an HAI Serial Connectivity Adapter Kit (Part Number 36A05-4) to connect the RAVE system to the HAI system.

Knowledge Base Article # 1123 covers connecting a RAVE RV612 or Nexus C612 to an HAI OmniIIe, OmniPro II, Lumin, or Lumina Pro controller.


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