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Connectivity Partners -> Stewart Electronics

Lighting Partners | http://www.genesis13lighting.com/

Stewart Electronics

Stewart Electronics is now the sole manufacturer of ALC Automated Lighting. Stewart Electronics will use the name "Genesis 1:3 Lighting" as the new product name for all future ALC manufactured products.

Since 1996 the ALC Automated Lighting system has been made by On-Q Legrand and was known as the On-Q Legrand ALC system. Today, Genesis 13 Lighting continues in their footsteps to support all the current distributors and installers just as On-Q Legrand has done so well.

Genesis 1:3 Lighting

Stewart Electronics offers the Genesis 1:3 Lighting hard-wired lighting system that let you operate groups of lights throughout your home with a single button.

Genesis 1:3 4 Button The Genisis 1:3 Interface may be used with a Lumina, Lumina Pro, Omni LT, Omni IIe, or OmniPro II home control system to control lights and appliances connected to Genesis 1:3 Switch Modules.

  • Up to 16 unique Genesis 1:3 Switch Modules (one branch) can be controlled with an Omni LT home control system.

  • Up to 62 unique Genesis 1:3 Switch Modules (two branches) can be controlled with a Lumina or Omni IIe home control system.

  • Up to 248 unique Genesis 1:3 Switch Modules (four branches on 2 Genesis 1:3 Interface Modules) may be controlled with a Lumina Pro or OmniPro II home control system.


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