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Connectivity Partners -> Philips Dynalite

Lighting (220v/230v/240v) Partners | http://dynalite-online.com

Audio Authority Logo Philips Dynalite designs and manufactures technology solutions for lighting control and building automation applications. Initially developed for large-scale projects, Philips Dynalite's distributed intelligence system is equally suited to small installations. As an industry segment leader, our reputation as a provider of superior solutions extends to over fifty countries around the world.

Our products and systems can be broadly defined into three market segments; architectural lighting control, home automation and energy management.

Philips Dynalite Products

Dynalite Edge Dimmer

The Philips Dynalite range of products consists of 'controllers', to which lighting and other loads are connected, 'user interfaces' that give you the power to interact with the system and 'integration devices' used to connect additional systems so they communicate and perform seamlessly as one. A comprehensive suite of software products and network accessories completes our extensive offering.

Integration with HAI

HAI Omni and Lumina family controllers support two-way integration with the Dynalite lighting system. Individual Dynalite lighting areas can be controlled by the HAI controller. The HAI controller monitors Dynalite lighting areas and can respond to changes in the Dynalite system.

Dynalite uses areas and channels. Areas are used to group related lighting points by the area/room they are in. Channels are specific lighting loads within an area. The HAI controller controls lighting on an area basis. It is not possible to control specific channels within an area. Each HAI lighting unit can be associated with a corresponding Dynalite lighting area. HAI unit 1 corresponds to Dynalite area 1; HAI unit 2 corresponds to Dynalite area 2; and so on. Dynalite lighting areas can be turned on, turned off, brightened, dimmed, set to a specific preset/scene, set to a specific level, and toggled on/off. Issuing an on/off/toggle command to a Dynalite area will change all channels in the area to the desired state immediately. Issuing a level command will change all channels in the area to the desired level with a two second fade rate. Issuing a scene command will set the area to the desired preset/scene with a two second fade rate. HAI scenes A-L correspond to Dynalite presets 1-12, respectively.

HAI has a Knowledge Base article # 1106 for the integration of the Philips Dynalite equipment.


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