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Audio / Video (A/V) Partners | www.ili.co.nz

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The OneTouch 21b is an all-in-one Touch Screen PC. These units have a powerful Core2Duo processor, 500GB - 1TB hard drive, WiFi N, as well as optional HDMI and VGA outputs for replication onto a second TV or display. The OneTouch can record TV programs to its hard drive and can display camera or video from standard or IP cameras. There is a recess kit available so it can be recess mounted or VESA mounted on wall or on a swing arm.

Using HAIís intuitive Touchscreen interface, OmniTouch Pro, and iliís OneTouch 19Ē or 21Ē Touchscreen, you can control lighting, fans, temperatures, multi room audio, and surveillance cameras; browse music and photos; watch TV and family videos; browse the Internet with the on screen keyboard; Skype and keep in touch around the world; or choose from a multitude of recipes options.

The OneTouch screen combines multi room audio control, home automation control, and CCTV camera display with compelling entertainment, all within one easy to use interface. The OneTouch software also locks down the computer to become an appliance like device as well as touch enabling web and other software applications.

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