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Design Tools / Services Partners | Download Crestron Module

Many home automation installations using Crestron systems choose to integrate an HAI controller into their installation.

Crestron A Crestron module has been developed by Tony Golden at Mobile Technology.  Mr. Tony Golden has extensive experience with interfacing HAI controllers with Crestron.  He has put together a package that should provide a complete solution to anyone integrating the two systems. 

His module has the following features:

  1. Support for the 2-Series Control Systems.
  2. Automatic Log-in (and re-Login), for constant connection.
  3. Automatic polls for zone, temperature, and arm/disarm/alarm status.
  4. Ready/Not Ready status of all 96 zones.
  5. Bypass and Restore any zone.
  6. Status and control of ten thermostats, simultaneously (can be increased to up to 64).
  7. Greatly improved thermostat control logic, for much smoother display and operation -- you'd have to see the original in operation to appreciate this.
  8. Status of Outdoor temperature sensor.
  9. Automatic uploading of Zone, Unit, and Macro Button names to the Crestron processor, for display on touchpanels.
  10. Automatic validation of security codes entered via Crestron touchscreen.  
  11. Activation of any user Button.
  12. Activation of any Control (Units, Flags, Lights).
  13. Activation of "All On" and "All Off" commands.
  14. Show, Clear, Say, or Dial and Say, any Message.
  15. Alarm (Burglary, Fire, etc.) status feedback.
  16. Entry/Exit Delay countdown timers displayed on touchpanels, with audible Entry Delay annunciation.

The latest HAI_rev5.umc Crestron module should work with all HAI firmware versions, since version 1.8.

Download Module (582 KB)

Please call Mr. Golden if you have any questions, need additional information, or need a customized module.

Tony Golden
Mobile Technology
(770) 904-4746 office
(918) 261-6764 mobile


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