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DSX Home Automation Integration allows your DSX telephone to control the features of your HAI-compatible Home Automation System.

Press uniquely-programmed feature keys to access your Home Automation System controls. A “top level” feature key lets you use the interactive soft keys to navigate step-by-step through the home automation devices and options. Additionally, you can set up a feature key to go directly to a specific device such as a light, thermostat, lock, or audio control.

DSX Lighting Lighting

Control your home and premises lighting from the convenience of any DSX telephone from any room in the house. Press a soft key to turn a light on or off, make it dimmer, or increase its brightness. The telephone display shows which lights are off, which are on, and the relative brightness of those that have dimmer adjustments. You can also press a key for a room and turn all the lights in that room on or off simultaneously. Keys for individual lights can be optionally illuminated when the light is on.

DSX Security Security

DSX can also control security, one of the most essential components of any home automation system. For example, at night you can easily view the alarm status and arm the system from your telephone, without the need for an alarm panel on your bedroom wall. You can also have a key for each zone or area providing alarm status at a glance.

DSX Access Access

The keys on your DSX telephone can also monitor and control access to your home’s doors and gates. If your home has an entry gate with an access control card reader, you can have a key on your telephone show the lock status as well as open the gate to allow visitors to enter.

DSX Audio Audio

DSX provides control of an HAI-compatible1 audio system right from your phone. You can quickly access any audio zone in your home to turn it on or off, change the audio source, or adjust the volume. In addition, DSX will automatically mute the audio in the room when the phone is ringing or you are on a call. This is a real convenience when the music is blaring and you need to answer an important call.

DSX Scenes Scenes

Activation of many other features of your Home Automation System is available from any convenient DSX telephone. Scenes let you preset multiple home automation features that you can activate with the press of a DSX telephone key. Movie aficionados can set up a Movie Scene for their media room that automatically closes the blinds, dims the lights, and turns on their home theater equipment. Sit down to watch a movie, press the Movie Scene key, and enjoy the show! As another example, a Bedtime Scene can lock the home and turn off the lights. When you are ready for bed, press the Bedtime key on your nightstand DSX telephone and enjoy peace and security for the night.

DSX temperature Climate

Use the integrated climate control options to keep your home comfortable while effectively managing your energy expenses. Your DSX telephone can adjust the operating settings of the heating, air conditioning, and humidification control systems for each zone in your home. The telephone display shows you the current temperature and relative humidity for the selected zone. To keep the levels at their current settings, just press the HOLD soft key and your settings will remain until you press the key again. While accessing a thermostat, the MODE soft key allows you to set the operating mode for the entire climate control system. Then, press HEAT to turn on the heating system, COOL to activate air conditioning, or AUTO to have the system automatically set the mode. You can also set the circulation fan operating mode (ON , AUTO , CYCLE). With an auxiliary temperature sensor, you can add the outdoor temperature to the standard date and time display on all telephones in the house.


HAI-Compatible systems include Omni IIe, OmniPro II, Lumina, and Lumina Pro.


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