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Connectivity Partners -> Philips

Audio / Video (A/V) Partners | Tech Sheet | Flyer | Pronto Configuration File Integration | www.pronto.philips.com

Philips Logo The original Philips Pronto singlehandedly created a new class of programmable touchscreen remote controls for intuitive operation. Today, the concept has evolved into an integrated control solution for conventional home theater, multimedia content and lighting. With a combination of infrared control and WiFi® wireless control, Pronto provides true multi-room control.

HAI's Pronto Link is a ProntoScript integration module for the Philips TSU9800, TSU9600 or TSU9400 Pronto remote.

Pronto Link allows a homeowner to use a single remote to control his home theater; adjust lights, temperatures, and security settings; and control multi-room audio systems, such as the Hi-Fi by HAI system.

Philips Pronto Brochure (PDF)

Pronto Link software is available in English, Chinese, Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, European French, and Hebrew.

HAI and Philips: Pronto Remote Control Demonstration


Pronto TSU9800 with Pronto Link Phillips TSU9800 Pronto

The Pronto TSU9800 merges functionality and design, featuring a stunning 6.4-inch VGA color screen and a premium docking station that offers ambient lighting, and the option to completely hide all cables.

The high resolution display is the largest in Philips Pronto line, providing exceptional readability and a control panel designed for maximum comfort, efficiency and ease of use.


Pronto TSU9600 with Pronto Link

Phillips TSU9600 Pronto

Sensational design and a breathtaking color display give the Pronto TSU9600 instant appeal. The smooth top and flush display is backed by an ergonomic ‘soft feel’ grip with a stylish metallic finish.

The TSU9600 has built-in Wi-Fi, which allows you to carry it around the rooms in your house and still be connected to the devices controlled by the Pronto.

Phillips TSU9400 Pronto

Pronto TSU9400 The slender vertically aligned Pronto TSU9400 features a bright vivid touchscreen. Ultra-thin with a stunning 3.5 inch QVGA color touch screen ideal for graphics, a rotary wheel for easy multimedia scrolling and conveniently placed buttons, the Pronto TSU9400 is a hybrid of full functionality and designer looks.

The TSU9400 has built-in Wi-Fi, which allows you to carry it around the rooms in your house and still be connected to the devices controlled by the Pronto.

Pronto Link Demos

HAI has created a English-only demo file for the Phillips TSU9800 Pronto, TSU9600 Pronto, and TSU9400 Pronto to show how Pronto Link works, even if you do not have an HAI controller. All features of Pronto Link are demonstrated by simulating being connected to an HAI OmniPro II controller.

The demo controls a security system, lights, temperatures, and a Hi-Fi by HAI audio system.

The demo file for the Phillips TSU9800 may be downloaded here. The demo file for the Phillips TSU9600 may be downloaded here. The demo file for the Phillips TSU9400 may be downloaded here. Please read the readme.txt document inside the downloaded file for instructions on what is required to run the demo, how to load it, and the security code required to simulate turning the alarm system on and off.

Need Help Programming a Pronto?

Only One Remote logo
Only 1 Remote
is an HAI Connectivity Partner in the Design Tools and Services category that specializes in programming in Philips Prontos. If you require assistance in programming a Pronto, we recommend that you contact them. Additionally, on Only One Remote's Connectivity Partner page, they offer free Pronto templates for you to review the quality of their work and to use in your projects.


HAI Integration

Screens are preprogrammed in Pronto Link so an installer can add the HAI functionality into a standard Pronto project. The instructions for integrating the HAI Omni Extended Pronto Configuration File (XCF) into a new or existing Extended Pronto Configuration File is here.

Since Pronto Link is written in ProntoScript you can design your own buttons and screens to control HAI functions when you incorporate it into a project.

Requires an HAI controller with an Ethernet port that has firmware 2.16 or higher.

Requires ProntoEdit Professional Version 2.0.34 or later and Pronto firmware version 5.0.6 or later.

Pronto Link is a free download from the ProntoScript for Philips Certified Installers portion of the Philips Pronto website, www.pronto.philips.com/prontoscript. You will have to login to download the file.

Non-English Versions

HAI has created instructions on how to use the Language Labels for items to be displayed in the native language used on the Pronto.


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