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Connectivity Partners -> PLLC

Lighting (220v/230v/240v) Partners | Tech Sheet | www.pllc.com.au

PLLC Logo PLLC has developed UPB™ lighting products that work in the 220-240 Volt range. HAI sells 120/240 Volt UPB™ lighting, and HAI Controllers have built-in support for UPB™ lighting.

Call John Cratchley at +61-3-9415-8888 regarding 220-240V UPB products.

UPB™ is a powerful digital powerline lighting control system that can eliminate much of the need to pre-wire and pull new cables in new homes. This system offers features such as linking along with room and house scene controllers providing similar features by all advanced lighting control systems.

The following products make up PLLC's 220-240V UPB™ lighting control:

WS1D Dimmer

WS1D Dimmer

The WS1D Wall Switch Dimmer is a high quality home automation dimmer switch used to control incandescent, florescent, inductive and magnetic low voltage devices that are capable of transmitting and receiving digital commands and status over the existing powerlines.

This unique Dimmer plus “C” mark patented filter, prevents any noise from leaving or entering the dimmer, greatly increasing the reliability of the UPB™ device and most importantly, preventing any noise from subsequently entering the 240V powerline.

This PLLC device has been stringently tested and meets/exceeds the Australian EMC regulatory requirements. Australia is regarded as having the most stringent requirements worldwide. Standards met are SIP 15 and 22, C tick as well as “Immunity”, making this the ideal device for worldwide applications.

The WS1D is currently available in a power rating on 600W.

Wall Switches

Wall Switches

The PLLC range of UPB™ Wall Switches offers an extensive range of 1 to 6 Gang wall switches. The wall switches are available in an extensive range of faceplate colors to suite various applications and decor. The current colors available are white, cream, soft grey, desert sand, black, brown, red, grey, brushed aluminum, brushed brass, chrome and gold stainless steel. Switches can be installed vertically or horizontally.

The current range includes slimline design as well as comfort 2000. All switches feature cool blue LED lamps. The rear of each Wall Switch is identical, offering easy access for electrical wiring as well as the ability to set each device into Set-Up or Default Mode.

The PLLC wall switches all carry the EMC regulatory EMC certification approvals.

Remote Wall Switch

Remote Wall Switch

The Remote Wall Switch (RWS) provides an economical means of Duplicating the high-end Roof Dimmer located on the wall. This provides simple on and off functions (duplicates Roof Dimmer), but also provides LED functionality i.e. when the switch is turned off, the LED turns off and vica versa.

The Remote Wall Switch is suitable for simple one (1) gang applications such as porch lights, toilets, laundry etc where UPB™ lighting control functions are required via a house controller.



The PIM-R is an RS232 device that provides a means of communications between your 240V devices and that of your PC/Laptop or HAI controller.

The PIM plugs into any standard 240V AC electrical outlet. The PIM-R is an RS-232 serial interface that connects to any available COM port via a DB9 serial cable (included). The PIM comes in a white enclosure.

A multi-color LED is provided on the front of the module and acts as a powerline signal indicator as well as indicating modes of operation.

The PIM also provides a means of using your products as “stand-alone” devices connecting to your Start-Up software, providing you the opportunity to use these powerful devices to set up a various array of Lighting Scenes.


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