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Connectivity Partners -> Samsung

Accessory Partners | www.samsung.com

Samsung Logo Samsung Electronics is one of the largest electronics companies in the world, offering a broad range of products for consumers and businesses.

They sell consumer products for mobile phones, televisions, MP3 & audio/video, cameras & camcorders, computers & peripherials, and home appliances.

In the computers category Samsung sells the Q1 Ultra Mobile PC, a high performance mobile computer that fits in one hand. It combines functionality, mobility, and design for a bold personal statement. It has wireless connectivity built-in, as well as the ability to act as a Touchscreen.

Q1 Ultra Mobile PC Q1 Logo Just load HAI's Snap-Link software on the Samsung Q1 and select its OmniTouch theme to get a wireless Touchscreen solution. It places wireless home control in the palm of your hand.

HAI's innovative Snap-Link software comes on an USB key that plugs into a Windows computer and directly communicates through the very secure Ethernet port on an HAI home control system. If desired, you may copy the Snap-Link software to the PC's hard disk drive.

Snap-Link on a Samsung Ultra Mobile PC There are no monthly fees associated with Snap-Link.

Note that there is a limit of 3 simultaneous connections to the HAI home control system for software, like Snap-Link, that use UDP connections. For installations where more than 3 simultaneous connections are required, you should choose to Connect your Snap-Link software when you are ready to use it and then choose to Disconnect when you are finished.

HAI does not sell Q1 Ultra Mobile PC's; however, they may be purchased at numerous retail outlets.


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