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Developer Support Program

Developer Support Program Logo

Security & Automation takes great pride in the compatibility of our products. Security & Automation has developed, and continues to develop, relationships with other manufacturers to integrate our products with theirs.

The Security & Automation Developer Support program is for software developers who wish to create software that works with Security & Automation products. This program is generally available to anyone, including homeowners, that does programming. It does not matter if the developer works at a professional level or a hobby level.

To join the Developer Support program you must fill out an application and get it approved by Security & Automation. Every Developer Support application will be processed by Security & Automation Technical Services within two business days.

Once approved, the software developer has access to the following:

  • Programming Protocols, SDK, documentation, and examples

  • A forum for developers to share experiences or ask questions

  • Dealer level access to the S&A Knowledge Base

  • All Security & Automation manuals, including installation manuals

  • High-resolutions versions of Security & Automation logos and product images

Note that Security & Automation reserves the right to deny or revoke access privileges to anyone. Individuals that use the forum to abuse other members will be removed from the Security & Automation Developer Support community.

Developer Support

Apply for the S&A Developer Support Program

Developer Support Website

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