Why UPB Gen III?

Generation III UPB HAI Lighting Control (HLC) devices feature Generation III UPB™ technology.

Universal Powerline Bus (UPB)™ is a digital powerline communications standard for lighting and home control that has been used since 2001.

UPB™ is for single phase 120/240 volt systems that have a neutral wire, which is standard residential wiring; accordingly, UPB™ works over existing wires in a home and does not require new wiring.

UPB™ is a digital technology that has been extensively tested and researched in residential environments and found to be 99.9 percent reliable.

UPB™ transmits using a pulse over existing house wiring. The pulse has a long range and travels on powerlines. The UPB™ pulse is not susceptible to noise because it is spread spectrum.

Features and benefits provided by the Generation III UPB™ technology include:

  1. Increased tolerance for power frequency variations and interruptions in dimmers.
  2. Gen III Dimmers and Non-Dimming Switches allow the user to configure the device as either dimming or non-dimming.
  3. Dimmer and non-dimming switches now feature an automatic timeout so that the light automatically turns off and an optimized TRIAC drive.
  4. Improved communication and enhanced noise immunity for superior reliability even in the noisiest of environments.
  5. Swifter reaction time of switches when tapped; virtually no delay between tapping of switch and light reaction.
  6. Full compatibility with UPB split phase repeaters.

UPB™ has Advanced Addressing that allows 250 devices per house, 250 houses per transformer that has greatly reduced the chance of overlap between houses.

UPB™ switches can peacefully co-exist with other Powerline carrier systems within the same home.


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