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HAI Releases v. 2.5.7249 of Web-Link II and Home Control for Windows Media Center


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August 31, 2007 (updated 9/7/07)

HAI has released versions 2.5.7249 for both its Web-Link II and Home Control for Windows Media Center software to control its home control systems.

These updates are FREE for all registered Web-Link II and Home Control for Window Media Center customers. If you have registered your software, you will be receiving an e-mail providing you with instructions for obtaining this update. Otherwise, you may contact support@homeauto.com to receive these instructions.


Web-Link II Update

This update patch adds the following features:

  • Windows Vista support:  

This version can be installed on Windows Vista Home Premium, Vista Ultimate, Vista Business, or Vista Enterprise, as well as Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, and Windows Server 2003.

  • Support for Audio Systems (Russound CAM and CAV, NuVo Concerto/Essentia/Simplese, HAI Hi-Fi): 

Web-Link II now supports communications with Russound CAM and CAV, NuVo Concerto, Essentia, and Simplese, and HAI Hi-Fi Whole Home Audio Distribution Systems.  The status (i.e. power state, current volume, mute status, and selected source) of each named audio zone is displayed along with various controls for the zone.  When connected to source equipment that generates metadata (i.e. Song Title, Artist, Genre, Album Name, Channel Number, Channel Name, etc.), the status along with the source metadata is displayed.

  • Added Interface Preferences Utility:

The Interface Preferences tool can be used to customize what the HAI Web-Link II interface displays.  Naming within the HAI system limits the user to 15 character names.  Using the interface preferences tool, Web-Link II can display up to 64 characters.  In addition, the Interface Preferences tool can be used to prevent selected items from being displayed within HAI Web-Link II.


To change the display of a name by using the Interface Preferences tool, first select the type of name that will be changed.  Along the top of the tool there are 6 options.  The choices are control, security, thermostats, temperature, messages, or buttons.  To change the display name, simply type the new name into the box on the right side of the old name.  Once the new name has been entered, the Interface Preferences tool automatically updates the information in HAI Web-Link II.


If there are certain named devices that you would like not to be display in Web-Link II, simply uncheck the check box to the right of that named device and the device’s name will no longer be displayed in HAI Web-Link II.

  • Improved error reporting and logging.

  • Email support with SMTP authentication, port setting, and editing.

  • Configurable Invalid Login Timeout Period.

  • Configurable Pocket PC/Smartphone URL.

  • Numerous performance, operational, and security improvements throughout.


Home Control for Windows Media Center Update

The underlying engine for Home Control for Windows Media Center has been updated.


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