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Press Release

HAI Now Shipping Omnistat2 RC-2000, a New Generation of Energy Efficient Programmable Communicating Thermostats

Press Release

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Greg Rhoades
Director of Marketing

Security & Automation

4330 Michoud Blvd.
New Orleans, LA 70129

Phone: 800-229-7256 x233

+1 (504) 736-9810 x233 (International)

Fax: (504) 253-2955


March 27, 2008
Hi-Res image of HAI Omnistat2
New Orleans, LA

HAI Now Shipping Omnistat2 RC-2000, a New Generation of Energy Efficient Programmable Communicating Thermostats

New Orleans, LA - HAI (Home Automation, Inc.), a leading manufacturer of integrated automation and security products since 1985, announced today that is now shipping the RC-2000 model of its new Omnistat2 programmable communicating thermostat product line.

The Omnistat2 is a 7-day programmable communicating thermostat designed to precisely control the temperature and humidity within the home.  Using advanced digital technology it actually “learns” a home’s heating and cooling patterns and adjusts control to maximize both the HVAC system’s efficiency and the occupants’ comfort.  

The Omnistat2 RC-2000 supports up to 2 stage conventional and 2 stage heat pump with 3rd stage auxiliary heat systems.  Notable features include:

-         Advanced digital technology allows the Omnistat2 to learn heating/cooling patterns of a home to maximize efficiency

-         Humidity Control

-         Remote access via Internet; phone (optional)

-         Proximity detector means the backlight comes to life when approached making it easy to adjust in the dark of the night

-         Graphical display of HVAC usage/energy consumption

-         Automatic Heat/Cool changeover

-         Communicates with home control systems

-         Vacation mode

-         Fan cycle for air circulation

The Omnistat2 is able to communicate with HAI and most home control systems for coordination of energy savings with daily activities, such as “Home”, “Away”, or “Vacation”.  It can be controlled from within the house or remotely through the telephone or Internet through HAI’s control systems and accessories.  All Omnistat2 models meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency.

The Omnistat2 has three different color options, Black, Silver, and White, in order to match nearly any décor. Additionally, with over one hundred customizable backlight colors, you may change the backlighting from blue to red or any color in between by turning the knob.

HAI products are available through a worldwide network of Distributors and installing dealers.  For more information on the award-winning Omnistat2 thermostat or other HAI products, please visit www.homeauto.com or call 800-229-7256.

About HAI (www.homeauto.com):  HAI (Home Automation, Inc.) is a privately held manufacturer of integrated automation and security products for residential and commercial use based in New Orleans, LA.  Incorporated in 1985, HAI has developed a full line of award-winning automation products, including home control systems, programmable communicating thermostats, smart light switches, Whole Home Audio systems, video surveillance equipment, Touchscreen interfaces, and software that allows access and control of an automation system over the Internet.  All products are sold through HAI’s worldwide network of Distribution Partners and installed by trained dealers in over 80 countries.




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